The Heart of the City

The competition intends to find new concepts of the urban planning development of Kaliningrad City, through the regeneration of the historical centre in its new capacity as an important element of the urban environment.
The specific goals of the competition are: a) Development of an urban planning concept, providing a well-grounded approach to the competition area “Korolevskaya Gora and its surroundings” (56 ha), which will later serve as a basis for the development of urban planning documents and land use regulations; b) Formation of an architectural and spatial proposal for the competition area “Korolevskaya Gora” (app. 10 ha), in which historic and cultural facilities will be articulated with the creation of a new urban area.
The proposed urban concept is focused on three axes: a) A New image of the city, through historical buildings and urban fabric proportions – urban grid concept; b) Liveable spaces for people, culture and leisure – accessibility, public spaces and pedestrian flows; c) A New Centre for Kaliningrad, where History and Memory meet Art and Nature.
The urban grid concept is the main structure which supports contemporary architecture and activities, but respecting and evoking the memory of the medieval urban fabric.
Flows on the intervention area result from merging green axes, which connect natural areas around the intervention area, water landscapes from the river and the lake, historic spaces and public spaces that support urban liveability.
It is proposed the urban regeneration of “Korolevskaya Gora” and harmonization of the surroundings through planning a new city centre with a strong architectural image and dynamic public spaces. The final goal is to give the area the image of “centre of active city life”, and to ensure the recognition of Kaliningrad as a city of Russia and the international Baltic region through finding its own individual architectural image. The city centre should set new standards of living space, its quality and style, to become a “hallmark” of modern Kaliningrad.
International Competition for elaboration of architectural and urban planning concept of the development of the historic part of Kaliningrad city core
56 ha (160 ha Contextual Areas)
International Competition/ Preliminary Study
Non-commerce partnership «Heart of the city» in association with the Government of Kaliningrad region represented by the Agency for architectural design, city-planning, and long-term development of the government of Kaliningrad region, and the administration of municipal entity ’The city of Kaliningrad’ represented by the Architectural and Constructional Committee of urban district ’The city of Kaliningrad’
HighPlan Portugal and AI-Studio (Moscow)
Francisco Serdoura and Vasily Soshnikov
CESUR (Regional and Urban Systems Centre), WE Consultants, Jorge Ribeiro
Ana Bonifácio, Helena Freire de Almeida, Helena Rocha Gonçalves, Inês Gil, Ivan Kolmanok, João Tiago Carapau, Joaquim Cannas, Jorge Bonito, Luis Cachada, Luis Pereira, Maria João Domingues, Marina Mironova, Paulo Maximiano Fonseca, Tiago Rocha and Vasily Soshnikov. João Diogo Romão and Sara Marques (Trainees)


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