Rijeka's Delta


Facing the sea, protected by mountains and located in the economic center of the city, Delta Rijeka assumes his prominent position, not only in the context of the city of Rijeka, but also in relation to the Kvarner Bay and its reference position in the northern Adriatic.  We intend that this once border town strengthen its attractiveness as a single territory, has a place of marriage between land and sea, between the historic city and the city's future, strengthening the relationship with the people. The concept for this proposal is based on three key elements of this unique territory are at the root of our proposal: nature, dynamics and experiences. This territory has a unique location with a rich environment, through contact with water, sun exposure and the surrounding landscape, to be lived has an idyllic place. The urban proposal seeks to optimise the potential and reduce the the conditioning factors of this territory. The basic concept was developed from the local morphology and nature: the extension of the green canyon to the sea, protecting this new piece of the windy city dominant. The Delta is the main available area for the expansion of the historic centre after the deactivation of the port of the city. The proposal aims at strengthening the formal and functional relation of the intervention area with all the surrounding territory, especially with the historic centre which is adjacent to it, with the harbor area and the further urban expansion area. At east it will look for a regeneration of the industrial territory, a flagship project with a scale able to generate new dynamics in the city. The proposal is to extend the historical core and its characteristic urban life, for this new part of the city, focusing on the design, multifunctional areas that are the genesis of the basic functions of a city with life - housing, services, hotels, shopping and leisure areas, and some metropolitan and international scale facilities as exceptional elements, will which reinforce the vocation of the territory and define its identity.

Delta and Porto Baros Area Competition
319.400 sqm
International Contest/ Preliminary Study
Port of Rijeka Authority, City of Rijeka, in cooperation with Rijeka Architects Association (DAR)
HighPlan Portugal, Rajka Bunjevac, Architect
Maria João Domingues
Francisco Serdoura, Jose Filipe Gameiro Fernandes, Joaquim Cannas, Luis Cachada, Nuno Oliveira Marques and Tiago Rocha
Ana Bravo Matos, Claudia Carmo , Carolina Ribeiro, Dora Bunic, Filipa Cardoso Ribeiro, Joao Marrana, Nadia Carvalho, Paulo Alcobia, Paulo Fonseca, Paulo Trindade and Ana Anjos (trainee)


  Avenida da República nº6 , 7º esquerdo 1050-191 Lisboa | Portugal