CHA Asunción


The proposal for the Masterplan defines and underlies a sustainable regeneration and development strategy of the Historic Centre of Asunción, through an urban development model that is suitable to the current context of the region and the capital city, in order to strengthen its urban identity, positioning it in the metropolitan and national context, while promoting its international projection. The proposal identifies different forms of intervention, according to the specific needs of the three different areas that compose the intervention area (Historic Center, Chacarita and Riverfront), seeking to meet their intrinsic character, so make the most of their potential and minimize risks and specific problems. The area of ​​the historic center is marked by a process of residential desertification, associated to a growing of services. Therefore, the intervention strategy in this area is marked by the rehabilitation of commercial and residential blocks, as well as the public space, with the aim of increasing the attractiveness and urban dynamics. Chacarita offers a casual, spontaneous, irregular and dense occupation of space and is located mainly in risky areas (of collapse and full). For these reasons, the proposal seeks to promote social and spatial integration in the urban fabric of the neighbourhood, through the provision of a system of road infrastructures that open up the neighbourhood to the city and the riverfront, as well as a network of articulated public spaces with the green structure and some community support facilities. Finally, the riverfront is a new area of ​​the city, connected to the road along the riverside, where it is intended to associate an image of modernity to the city and Guaraní identity and thereby optimising the potential of the bay.

International Ideas Competition for the Masterplan of interventions, related to the regeneration process of the Historic Centre of the city of Asunción
179 ha
International Competition/ Preliminary Study
Municipality of Asunción; National Congress House of Representatives; Ministry of Public Works and Communications; National Secretary of Culture; National Administration of Navigation and Ports - National Government of Paraguay
HighPlan Portugal and ABH - Alberto Barrail y Hijos, SA
Francisco Serdoura and Maria João Domingues
Maria Joao Domingues; Alejandro Barrail; Fabiola Dapello; Joaquim Cannas; Luis Cachada; Marcelo Barrail; Samuel Jara; Helena Freire de Almeida; Ines Gil; Luis Pereira; Nadia Carvalho; Paulo Alcobia; Ruben Guerreiro; Tonino Patteri; Paulo Fonseca; Joao Romao; Sara Marques e Andre Luís


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