Aurifícia Block


This contest aims at the urban regeneration of a city block of OPorto "to Aurificia”, and the proposed intervention intends to contribute to the creation of a new urban image of the block and its surroundings, in order to understand and preserve the local identity and urban dynamics and explain the options and integrated actions in the "Strategic Vision and Work" that will lead to sustainable development of this territory. The proposal is based on three lines of development that structure the process of territorial regeneration and transformation: UP-Cycling Aurificia | (RE) Living Aurificia | (RE) Designing Aurificia. The first structural axis, UP-Cycling Aurificia, presents integrated approaches to sustainable development of the territory, as well as solutions that address current issues, as relevant as the need to build a sustainable urban environment, the need to (re) use of water, the effectiveness and efficiency of the energy system in urban areas and buildings, the sustainability of materials that define our urban landscape and the quality of the environment within our buildings and how to contribute for our good way of living. The second axis (RE) Living Aurificia, represents the local model of social, cultural and economic development, in order to "create" a plural, dynamic and healthy block, a new "trademark" of OPorto to contribute positively to the promotion of active citizenship; to the the population education and development, the promotion of health and well-being and consequently the projection of the block at national and international level, resulting from the dynamics of the activities and events around. The third axis, (RE) Designing Aurificia, implements the presented concepts, structuring and ruling the territory in terms of accessibility and local mobility, planning and design of public space and the (re) construction of new facilities and multifunctional units that contribute to the creation of a new urban identity and image.

International Ideas Competition 41º North - OPorto | Aurificia´s Block Urban Regeneration
28.245 sqm
International Competition/ Preliminary Study
Portuguese Architects Association (Regional North Session)
HighPlan Portugal
Tiago Rocha
João Marrana, Nuno Correia, Joaquim Cannas, Rui Cunha, Ana Anjos (trainee), Ana Patricia Oliveira and Helena Rocha Gonçalves


  Avenida da República nº6 , 7º esquerdo 1050-191 Lisboa | Portugal