King's Castle


A new center for the city joining history and cultural activities.

Unifying the superstructure above the ground, connects the ancient and historical past thru the modernist building of the soviets with the aim of giving a new sense to the pre-existing buildings and ruins with the integration in a new complex with the possibility to live it all day and all year.

Simplicity of the form in accordance with the desired uses to incorporate in the complex, creating a new skyline with stronger impact, beautifully integrated into the landscape.

Adapted for any type of event, weather, and life style - IN and OUT (door) use capable of gathering people all year and day long. The new park on the rooftop of the superstructure its the higher and modern terrace in summer and the snow park of the cold winter for the amusement of the citizens.

Multifunctional complex with singular and different uses that provide a sustainable finance and economical impact, with a desirable balance between the investment costs and the economical sustainability of the operation.

For All citizens of Kaliningrad, the complex will add an inclusive design, regarding the necessary needs for all the citizens (disabled) and easy to be accessed from the ground level to the rooftop.

Environmental sustainable design conception, its Kaliningrad new concern for the use of reusable materials, energy saving conceptual ideas and solutions, green landscape integration in the complex, with gardens integrating the ruins and SuperUperPark with natural and reusable materials mixed in a splendid rooftop with a view.

Transparency who walks through this new heart of the city has a sophisticated and an almost imperceptible structure, this gives a beautiful transparent feeling, its easy to see thru the complex, the cristal glass protects from the weather and allows to see the interior of the spaces.

Open international competition for the architectural design of the Governmental historic and cultural complex on the grounds of the former order castle Königsberg in Kaliningrad ("Post-castle")
4,5 ha
International Competition/ Preliminary Study/ Special Mention from the juri
Non-commerce partnership «Heart of the city» in association with the Government of Kaliningrad region represented by the Agency for architectural design, city-planning, and long-term development of the government of Kaliningrad region, and the administration of municipal entity ’The city of Kaliningrad’ represented by the Architectural and Constructional Committee of urban district ’The city of Kaliningrad’
HighPlan Portugal, STC Arquitectos AI-Studio (Moscow)
Tiago Rocha, Samuel Torres de Carvalho and Ivan Kolmanok
Helena Rocha Gonçalves, Inês Gil, Ivan Kolmanok, Luis Pereira, Maria João Domingues, Paulo Maximiano Fonseca, Samuel Torres de Carvalho and Tiago Rocha.


  Avenida da República nº6 , 7º esquerdo 1050-191 Lisboa | Portugal