HighPlan Portugal develops work with a large diversity and complexity nature, in areas like the strategic planning, urbanism, public space, landscaping, architecture and industrial design and interior.

Our methodology its based in the analysis of the territory from the macro-scale trough the micro-scale. To improve the results, each project includes experts in all necessary fields from geography, sociology, infrastructure, economy, landscape, marketing, among others, contributing to an integrated and efficient, which contributes to the search in a convergent way from different perspectives. We create concepts that integrate the virtual models, systems adapted to social and cultural values of each territory. We defend simple solutions with a constant aim of safeguarding the environment, energy saving and investigation of alternative solutions more sustainable.

Some of our HighPlan Portugal professionals work together for more than a decade, with positive results in countries such as Portugal, Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Egypt, Morocco and Mozambique with different scales and types.

Our philosophy is to promote the quality of life of people trough the transformation of the territories.


Think High... we Plan.


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Certified company for Thematic Cartography Production Topographic Base by IGP


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